deMENSEN takes over Skyline

Skyline overgenomen door deMENSEN
Production company deMENSEN will be taking over Skyline Entertainment, a production company with years of experience in producing fiction. Skyline will remain a seperate entity within deMENSEN. Through this takeover, deMENSEN will become one of the largest fiction producers in Belgium.

"With Skyline, we gain a strong partner and  are able to add an extensive portfolio to our own. We believe we can grow successfully if we present oursevelves as a strong unit," says Raf Uten, creative director of deMENSEN. 

deMENSEN is mostly known from Blockx, the talkshow Hotel M and The Darethe last one in cooperation with TV Bastards. deMENSEN is currently shooting her first fiction series for VTM - Brothers United - and has several other fiction projects in development.