Five years after the end of Salamander I, Chief Inspector Paul Gerardi is still living with Patricia at Castle Wolfs. Their daughters, Sofie and Nicola, are at university. The murder in Matonge, the African district in Brussels, of a political refugee from Kitangi, an African country and a former Belgian colony, particularly attracts Paul’s attention. The trail leads to the Brussels-based 'Minnebach Private lnvestment Bank'. Minnebach is - together with three foreign banks - the financial backing behind the rebel army under General Bombé, who is waging an exceptionally bloody campaign to seize power in Kitangi.

At stake: two diamond mines. With Bombé as president, the exploitation of the mines would be placed entirely in the hands of the Brussels bank consortium. They stand to earn billions of euros off the blood of thousands of innocent citizens.

However, the future president has been captured on film taking part in a murder. This footage - which could undermine the entire scheme - was smuggled out of the country by a Belgian pilot, Marc Jopart.

Jopart was, in fact, none other than the late husband of Patricia Wolfs. In other words, unbeknownst to him, the key to the secret that Paul will risk everything to unravel is in his own home, in his own family. The hunt for the film brings Paul’s life and family once again into danger, especially when Minnebach & Co. set their sights on the daughters, Nicola and Sofie.

The scheming bankers believe they are untouchable because, for the respected politicians, fear and hypocrisy outweigh conscience. When Paul Gerardi starts interfering in the plot, he has to run for his life, yet again. 


Season 1

Jonkhere is a small private bank in Brussels, Belgium At the start of the series, 66 separate safe deposit boxes belonging to a number of the most prominent public figures in Belgium are robbed. The owners want to keep the thefts under wraps to avoid scandal, but an incorruptible, old-school police inspector Paul Gerardi throws himself into the investigation.

Gerardi discovers that the victims are members of a secret organisation called Salamander, a cabal made up of the country's industrial, financial, judicial and political elite, and the safe-deposit boxes contained their most intimate secrets – secrets which go back to World War II and could bring down the nation. As he becomes the target of both the criminals and the authorities, Gerardi - at great personal cost - must quickly find out what their agenda is and who is behind the thefts.

Season 2 is currently being broadcast on Eén.

Season 1 of Salamander was broadcast in 2013.